NaNoWriMo... Deux

LOL one update a year ought to do it. So last year I won NaNo 2009, which is really exciting! I'm making great progress this year for 2010, too (already at 20K words on day 7!!). I decided to go with "The Ambassadors", which is based off of a dream I had. How often does a dream work out for an actual novel? I was lucky! Here's an old blog entry about the dream that started it all back in 2007.

I've also been blogging throughout the month about NaNo this-and-that (so much easier since I can do it from my phone too!), so if you wish to look at that, here's the blog for that!

Also, of note, I've decided to close down and just move everything onto here. So that'll be something in the works over the next 12 months or so that I still own that domain :)


Okay, so I haven't updated in forever because I've been writing like a mofo! The good news is that I'm FINALLY caught up on NaNo! (Okay, so I'm behind like 30 words, but STILL! I haven't been caught up since November 5th! And I was even thinking about giving up for a while there!) My story has taken a wild turn and it isn't even remotely like I had hoped it would be... it will take a LOT of editing to get it to make sense, but that's what December's for, right?

I'm not even positive half of it makes sense xD I had originally wanted the two main female characters to trade places and have the human held hostage or something? Now a random Comic Book Guy showed up and is getting the humans and goblins to team up to re-polarize the Earth's poles to prevent the middle of the Earth from exploding xD I'm so not kidding. I mean, it's getting kind of exciting, and I'm having fun just writing and letting the story take its own path. I think next year I won't even try to do too much planning at all since it didn't seem to help me this year.

Once November's over I can get back to working on this site and possibly finishing some of the hat pages. We'll see. :)

NaNoWriMo Plotting

These are the ideas I'm going between:
  1. Three human children playing in a Laundromat accidentally infiltrate the Goblin World where goblins keep lost human possessions. The children team up with three young goblins to resolve the original conflict which separated their cultures in the first place. (young adult)
  2. A team of vegetable-based superheroes save the world from bad diet and bad health-related villains. (young adult/children - satirical and educational in one)
  3. Three children are kidnapped by seemingly-peaceful extra terrestrials and given the task of proving that the Earth is worth saving from destruction. (young adult)
  4. A dog whose time on Earth has recently ended is returned to Earth as an angel. He must find a way to make his human family happy once again without being able to communicate with them in any way. (young adult)
  5. A young girl from a forest village leaves on a quest with her talking animal sidekick to compete in a nationwide competition for a seat on the King's Council. Her magical journey doesn't quite turn out like she had expected, however. (young adult)
  6. A futuristic technology implants computer chips behind people's ears that can be used to wirelessly control any appliance they own. At some point, technology gets out of hand, endagering the entire human race. (young adult/adult?)
The last one doesn't have as much thought put into it as the first five. The second one was actually my 2007 NaNo attempt, but I didn't like the product at all, so I pretty much gave up on it :( I think if I were to try for that one again, I would have a better idea of how I'd want it to go - and I'd work out a better outline.

Any thoughts or recommendations on one vs. the other?

More Seriously Now...

Making the site more useable here. Also trying to get up a few pages for my crafts! I'm tweaking the code to get it how I like it for now. Be patient with me!